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Join Our Masterclass and Learn How to Become a College Athlete

Ready to Take Your Sports Skills to the Next Level? Learn How to Get Recruited and Succeed in College Athletics



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Register now for our Masterclass and start receiving the coaching, training, and career guidance you need to become a successful college athlete!

Enroll in our Masterclass to receive:

1. Live coaching and training with experienced coaches and trainers

2. Exclusive access to our online community of athletes and experts

3. Test prep materials, college application guides, and bonus resources

4. Networking and mentorship opportunities with industry professionals

Join our Masterclass and in just 5 days, learn how to succeed in college athletics and navigate the recruitment process like a pro!

Register Now for Our Masterclass!

Why Enroll in Our Masterclass

  • Unlock Your Potential: Access Proven Coaching and Training Methods that have helped hundreds of athletes achieve their goals.

  • Take Control of Your Future: Navigate the College Recruitment Process with Confidence and Discover New Career Paths.

  • Excel On and Off the Field/Court: Balance Your Academic and Athletic Responsibilities with Expert Guidance and Join a Supportive Community of Like-Minded Athletes.

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Your Coach/Mentor

My one and only goal will be to work with you and develop a personalized strategy that can help you succeed in the college athletic recruitment process with unmatched success.

    Reggie Calhoun Jr.

    Founder of RPA College®

    Reggie Calhoun Jr., has helped hundreds of student athletes achieve success in finding their paths in sports, education and business. An award winning entrepreneur and educator....

What You'll Learn in Our Masterclass

Dominate the Recruitment Process

The college recruitment process can be overwhelming and confusing. Learn the insider tips and tricks from recruitment experts on how to stand out to coaches and get noticed by top programs.

Balancing Athletics and Academics

Achieving success as a student-athlete requires expert time management and organization skills. Learn how to balance your academic and athletic responsibilities with confidence and ease.

Career Exploration and Guidance

Unsure about what career path to pursue? Our masterclass will provide you with the tools and guidance to explore and discover new career opportunities

Mastering the Athlete Mindset

Discover the key habits and practices that will help you stay focused, motivated, and mentally strong throughout your athletic journey. Learn from expert coaches and trainers who have worked with top athletes at every level.

Ace Your College Applications

Get exclusive access to test prep materials, college application guides, and expert advice on how to maximize your chances of getting accepted to your dream college. Join a supportive online community of like-minded athletes and receive networking and mentorship opportunities.

Register Now for Our Masterclass!