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With a robust NIL curriculum with certificaiton, customizable services to help you build your brand, secure NIL opportunities, recruiting to college and much much more.

All athletes have different needs, no one size fits all or blanket service when it comes to reaching your goals. Our services can be combined and fully customized. 

  • Build Your Brand for NIL Opportunities

  • Whether you are a star student-athlete playing in a high-profile sport or a walk-on, there are now vast opportunities for using your name, image, and likeness (NIL) that are potentially lucrative.

  • Define Your Brand

  • Defining your brand means looking forward and determining what you want your reputation, public persona, and personal brand to be. It’s who you think you are, who you want to become, and how you will express yourself.

  • Your Target Audience

  • A crucial part of developing a strong personal brand is knowing exactly who your target audience is. And it goes beyond just understanding a typical student-athlete’s audience made up of fans of the school and sport.

  • Brand Differentiation

  • Student athletes must design a consistent direction using key differentiators that will help their brand to stand out.

  • Your Brand Beyond College

  • Personal brand development in college can lead to long-term gains whether a student continues a career in sports or moves on to another chapter in their life.

  • Evaluate Your Brand

  • Examining your personal brand is an essential step to create a powerful brand. It helps to understand where you are with social media metrics and what to do with them. It is important to know where you are in order to move forward along a well-defined path.

  • Athletes' Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • NIL deals and money-making opportunities come in various different forms. They could be sponsorship deals with restaurants, insurance agencies, law firms, local sporting apparel companies, nutrition shops, and much, much more. Student-athletes simply need to know where to look to discover their personal branding NIL opportunities.

  • Making Your Pitch and Brand Presentation

  • Student athletes will consider and work on their brand hook and elevator story to formalize their differentiation. Then they will design their pitches to potential businesses, individuals, and brands. To leverage your name, image, and likeness and turn it into compensation, a strong presentation of your brand is crucial.

  • Your Marketing Plan

  • Student athletes will consider how the same principles that have helped them become an elite athlete can be applied to their new world of entrepreneur status — having a plan and then consistently implementing the plan.

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